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The Fashion Show Awards is a contest to choose

THE BEST in the Fashion Industry.

Participation is FREE!

The competition is held on our website's open page, and the winner will be the person who receives the most likes.

The winner in each category will be announced during the Fashion Show's closing ceremony on March 31st, 2024.


The Best Top 10 of each category will be part of the LA Fashion Show and will achieve their Winner Awards in front of a thousand guests.

Voting Ended

March 6th until March 27th

Apply Here

Apply to be a contestant in the 2024 Spring Fashion Show Awards by simply choosing the category you wish to apply for, uploading your best profile picture, and enter with your email address & social media URL.

5 Best Photos of Yourself

If you haven't received an email after submission, your submission didn't go through. Please check and enter a valid email address.


Best Model Award | Best Designer Award | Best Fashion Blogger Award | Best Accessories Designer Award |

Best Makeup Artist Award | Best Shoe Designer Award | Best Makeup Artist Award | Best Dog Fashion Award | Best Kids Fashion Award | Best Hairstylist Award | Best Photographer Award

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Only members will be able to vote for each contestant per category.

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